In the college, there are five departments, Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science, Department of Electrical Engineering, Department of Electronic Engineering, Department of Automatic Control Engineering, Department of Communication Engineering. Honor Program of Information and Electrical Engineering (HPIEE), provide undergraduate academic study program. The academic study strategy of undergraduate adopts program-directed expertise training, and there are three programs encompassed in, the five departments and up to overall 12 programs. The 12 academic programs are thus induced according to the development of current techniques, industrial demands and the specialties of the faculties in each Department. At the end of the first-year each freshman has to choose one program among the ones provided by the Department where he or she is as his or her major academic study and to take courses listed in the rest of the three years. For the students of HPIEE, each student can choose among 12 programs as his or her major program. Besides, all students are encouraged to take the other program(s), among 12 programs, as his or her auxiliary program.



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